Entwined Health System Histories: New Zealand and Britain Since 1938



12.50-1.00       Welcome and Introduction


1.00–2.30        Panel 1

  • Martin Gorsky (LSHTM) Introduction: Culture, language and networks: ‘families of nations’ and the making of health policy in Britain and New Zealand since 1938.
  • John Stewart (Wellcome Unit, Oxford) The Old Country and the New Country: British progressives and social reform in New Zealand, 1934-1948.
  • Glen O’Hara (Oxford Brookes) ‘The Land with the Midas Touch’: British Perceptions of New Zealand between the 1930s and the 1970s.


2.30-2.45         Tea/Coffee Break


2.45-4.15         Panel 2

  • Linda Bryder (Auckland) No grounds for complacency: New Zealand’s “National Health Service” and Sir Douglas Robb, 1938-1974
  • Roland Petchey (City) New Zealand and U.K. health policy in the 1950s: the role of transnational knowledge networks and think tanks
  • Hayley Brown (LSHTM) Neo-liberal ideas and policy-making in the United Kingdom and New Zealand National Health Services in the 1980s


4.15-4.30         Break


4.30 – 6.30      Oral History Discussion

We invite attendees wo have worked either short- or long-term across the two systems to share reflections in an open discussion, structured around these themes:

  • Motives for moving: what have been the factors encouraging New Zealand professionals to work in Britain, and vice versa?
  • Networks: what were the professional networks, both formal and informal, that connected the two countries? How did these operate?
  • Impressions 1: what impressions did you form of the similarities and differences between the two systems?
  • Impressions 2: how would you compare the political values and public expectations of these two systems?
  • Knowledge exchanges: in your roles, what observations have you formed about the flow of ideas and policy-learning between the two countries? Is this distinctive, or typical of health policy-making in advanced industrial nations?
  • Conclusions: What have we learned?


6.30–c.8.00     Drinks Reception


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